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Case Name: Blanchard v. WCAB 12/09/1975
Note: Faulty petition to reopen valid when it gives notice of being based on alleged increased disability.
Citation: 53 CA 3d 590, 40 CCC 784
WCC Citation: WCC 27711975 CA
Case Name: Bland v. WCAB 10/26/1970
Note: Awkwardness in allegation does not restrict worker's right to compensation; Petition to Reopen need not request particular classification of compensation.
Citation: 3 Cal.3d 324, 35 CCC 513
WCC Citation: WCC 26431970 CA
Case Name: Bloch Medical Clinic v. WCAB 04/22/1997
Note: Failure to pay or object in 60 days subject carrier to 10% penalty.
Citation: 62 CCC 589
WCC Citation: WCC 28721997 CA
Case Name: Blue Cross of CA. v. WCAB 04/10/1998
Note: No denial of due process where Blue Cross could've requested continuance to obtain necessary records.
Citation: 63 CCC 604 (Writ Denied)
WCC Citation: WCC 28031998 CA
Case Name: Blumenfeld v. Qualcomm, Inc. 09/23/2010
Note: Exclusive remedy did not bar a former employee's intentional infliction of emotional distress claim because she alleged that it resulted from her supervisor's despicable sexual harassment, the 4th District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: D055441
WCC Citation: WCC 36732010 CA
Case Name: Board of Chiropractic Examiners v. Superior Court of Sacramento County (Carole Arbuckle) 02/26/2009
Note: An employee of the California Chiropractic Board of Examiners who claims she was harassed at work after pointing out that the board's chairwoman had been practicing without a license was not required to exhaust all administrative remedies before filing a civil whistleblower complaint.
Citation: S151705
WCC Citation: WCC 35002009 CA
Case Name: Bock v. City of Healdsburg 05/30/2012
Note: A Northern California trial judge did not err in instructing the jury on a meter reader's disability discrimination claims, a state appellate court ruled, upholding a jury's determination that the worker's complaints about her aching feet were insufficient to give her employer notice of her disabling medical condition and give rise to a duty to accommodate her.
Citation: A132200
WCC Citation: WCC 39012012 CA
Case Name: Boehm & Assoc vs. WCAB 04/25/2003
Note: While W&I Code 14124.70 et seq. applies generally to WC liens, it does not apply where the settlement did not include consideration of existing lien claims.
Citation: 108 Cal.App.4th 137
WCC Citation: WCC 29292003 CA
Case Name: Bonner v. WCAB 11/29/1990
Note: Board's failure to specify evidence relied upon, reasons for determination warrants reversal.
Citation: 225 Cal.App.3d 1023, 55 CCC 470
WCC Citation: WCC 27341990 CA
Case Name: Bontempo vs. WCAB 04/30/2009
Note: Alleging issues of permanent disability and apportionment on the pre-trial conference statement is sufficient to raise the issue of 4658(d)(2) increase at trial and on review.
Citation: B207660
WCC Citation: WCC 35192009 CA
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