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Case Name: Sully-Miller Contracting Co. v. WCAB 07/03/1980
Note: Case reopened after surveillance film showed empoyee doing work.
Citation: 107 Cal.App.3d 916
WCC Citation: WCC 25961980 CA
Case Name: Summers v. Newman 07/08/1999
Note: Employer and/or carrier must deduct attorney's fees from prop. share of third party settlement.
Citation: 20 Cal.4th 1021
WCC Citation: WCC 24511999 CA
Case Name: Sumner v. WCAB 06/02/1983
Note: A worker may compromise death benefits of his survivors.
Citation: 33 Cal.3d 965
WCC Citation: WCC 25591983 CA
Case Name: Sun Indem. Co. v. Industrial Accident Comm'n 01/07/1926
Note: Evidence supports finding that employee was injured in course and scope of employment.
Citation: 76 Cal.App. 165
WCC Citation: WCC 30432026 CA
Case Name: Sunderland v. Lockheed Martin 06/09/2005
Note: The commercial traveler rule may not be incorporated into the respondeat superior doctrine.
Citation: 130 Cal.App.4th 1
WCC Citation: WCC 31032005 CA
Case Name: Supervalu v. Wexford Underwriting Managers 06/03/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Policy language is not inconsistent with the apportionment of benefits envisioned by the provisions of the Labor Code.
Citation: B206501
WCC Citation: WCC 35312009 CA
Case Name: Sutter Memorial Hospital v. WCAB 11/10/2008
Note: An employer is not entitled to restitution against attorneys who won $69,000 in attorney fees while unknowingly representing a fraudulent client.
Citation: C058699
WCC Citation: WCC 34602008 CA
Case Name: Sutton v. WCAB 09/21/2007
Note: [Unpublished] The ACOEM Guidelines presumptively establish reasonable medical treatment, regardless of the date of injury.
Citation: F053104
WCC Citation: WCC 32582007 CA
Case Name: Sweeney v. WCAB 07/24/1968
Note: Matter remanded after WCAB relied on improper physician's report.
Citation: 264 Cal.App.2d 296
WCC Citation: WCC 25631968 CA
Case Name: T and T Construction v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board and Curtis Ray Hillman 06/01/2012
Note: The act of filing a petition for workers' compensation benefits based on the alleged serious and willful misconduct of an employer is sufficient to 'commence' proceedings for purposes of the statute of limitations.
Citation: C067171
WCC Citation: WCC 39032012 CA
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