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Case Name: Snedecor v. WCAB 08/17/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Since the record supports the WCJ's finding that 2004 treating physician's reports incorporated diagnostic reports, the WCAB's determination that the WCJ relied solely on diagnostic reports to find indication of the existence of permanent disability under section 4660(d) is not supported by substantial evidence.
Citation: B209686
WCC Citation: WCC 35552009 CA
Case Name: Snodgrass v. WCAB 09/11/1985
Note: Filing a civil claim for injury tolls the statute of limitations on the filing of a 132a claim.
Citation: 50 CCC 501
WCC Citation: WCC 27661985 CA
Case Name: So. Cal. Rapid Transit Dist. Inc. v. WCAB 01/18/1979
Note: Injury compensable where employee required to travel to work to deliver medical release.
Citation: 23 Cal. 3d 158
WCC Citation: WCC 30501979 CA
Case Name: Sobiniak v. WCAB 05/25/1984
Note: UEF entitled to credit for net amt. of employee third party recovery.
Citation: 156 Cal.App.3d 448
WCC Citation: WCC 24451984 CA
Case Name: Soderstedt v. CBIZ Southern California LLC 06/07/2011
Note: A trial court was correct to deny two plaintiff accountants' motions for class certification in a misclassification suit against their former employer, the 2nd District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: B224349
WCC Citation: WCC 37702011 CA
Case Name: Soil Engin. Constr., Inc. v. Super. Ct. 10/06/1982
Note: Superior Court lacked jurisdiction (exclusive remedy rule) even though no recovery by parents as nondependent heirs.
Citation: 136 Cal.App.3d 329
WCC Citation: WCC 25621982 CA
Case Name: Solano County Probation Department v. WCAB (Auilar) 01/07/2011
Note: A workers' compensation judge mistakenly assumed that a doctor withdrew his opinion that 33% of a left hip injury should be apportioned to obesity and arthritis when the doctor amended his opinion on apportionment of a spine injury, California's 1st Appellate District Court of Appeal ruled.
Citation: A129342
WCC Citation: WCC 36992011 CA
Case Name: Solis v. Sunset Development Company 12/27/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Defendant did not owe appellant a duty because she fell in an area not intended for pedestrian traffic.
Citation: A115772
WCC Citation: WCC 32942007 CA
Case Name: Solorzano v. Imperial Toy Corp. 06/30/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The ADA's definition of 'disability' applies under the FEHA if it would result in 'broader protection.' Generally, the FEHA, as distinguished from the ADA, does not exclude all temporary, nonchronic impairments.
Citation: B195855
WCC Citation: WCC 33892008 CA
Case Name: Solus Industrial Innovations, LLC v. The Superior Court of Orange County Part 1/2 02/08/2018
Citation: S222314
WCC Citation: Ct.App. 4/3 G047661
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