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Case Name: Thompson v. City of Los Angeles 06/22/2010
Note: The appellate court noted that a timely FEHA complaint requires an employee to file an administrative charge with the Department of Fair Employment and housing within a year of the last alleged violation. The appeals court examined Thompson's allegations, determined that no acts of retaliation occurred within a year, and affirmed the trial court's decision to grant DWP's motion for summary judgment.
Citation: B213601
WCC Citation: WCC 36412010 CA
Case Name: Thompson v. WCAB 06/21/1994
Note: Avoidable consequences doctrine does not apply to workers comp. claims.
Citation: 25 Cal.App.4th 1781
WCC Citation: WCC 24041994 CA
Case Name: Thrifty Drug Stores Inc. v. WCAB (Kaye) 08/10/1979
Note: TD rate to be adjusted up for post injury salary increase per collective bargain agreement.
Citation: 95 C.A.3d 937, 44 CCC 809
WCC Citation: WCC 28881979 CA
Case Name: Tidgewell v. Gentry, APC et al. 02/29/2012
Note: A grant of summary judgment was upheld in favor of two law firms being sued by a former client for malpractice for having allegedly undermined her age-discrimination action against her employer in settling her workers' compensation claims.
Citation: G044710
WCC Citation: WCC 38652012 CA
Case Name: Tiffany v. Smith 08/31/2012
Note: Sufficient evidence supported a jury's determination that an affluent San Diego doctor had discriminated against a physician with a broken arm by terminating him and then claiming this was done for financial purposes.
Citation: D058510
WCC Citation: WCC 39292012 CA
Case Name: Tiffin v. WCAB (New Idria Mining) 12/15/1972
Note: Requirement on WCAB to make proper service may be waived by applicant.
Citation: 38 CCC 53
WCC Citation: WCC 27831972 CA
Case Name: Tilbury Constructors, Inc. v. State Compensation Ins. Fund 03/07/2006
Note: Insurer's decision not to pursue its subrogation rights does not constitute a breach of contract or a breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing.
Citation: 137 Cal. App. 4th 466
WCC Citation: WCC 31462006 CA
Case Name: Tilley v. CZ Master Ass'n 07/26/2005
Note: Party not liable for injuries of independent contractor if its authority does not affirmatively contribute to the injuries.
Citation: 131 Cal.App.4th 464
WCC Citation: WCC 31102005 CA
Case Name: Tipler v. City of Palmdale 03/03/2009
Note: A worker failed to show that his open claim tolled the statute of limitations for his future tort action.
Citation: B205862
WCC Citation: WCC 35022009 CA
Case Name: Tomlin v. WCAB 05/16/2008
Note: Claimant was required by his employer to maintain physical fitness and pass annual, mandatory physical fitness tests. He was injured when he slipped on a sidewalk while on a three-mile training run for his employer-mandated physical fitness test. Under the facts of this case, claimant's injury is compensable pursuant to section 3600, subdivision (a)(9).
Citation: B199429
WCC Citation: WCC 33612008 CA
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