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Case Name: Spinks v. EQR-Briarwood 10/18/2012
Note: A temporary worker who was kicked out of her employer-provided apartment after she could no longer work because of an on-the-job injury had abandoned the property and had no cause of action against her former employer.
Citation: H036448
WCC Citation: WCC 39412012 CA
Case Name: St. Paul Travelers Ins. Co. v. Mark Davis Masonry, Inc. 02/14/2008
Note: [Unpublished] A party seeking nonstatutory costs or expenses (such as expert witness fees) under a contractual prevailing-party attorney fees clause must plead and prove its entitlement to those costs or expenses. Travelers failed to do so.
Citation: G037661
WCC Citation: WCC 33172008 CA
Case Name: Stanley v. Richmond 06/14/1995
Note: The appellant established a prima facie case of breach of fiduciary duty, professional negligence, and breach of contract.
Citation: A062468
WCC Citation: WCC 37311995 CA
Case Name: Starving Students Inc vs. Dept of Indust Relations 01/24/2005
Note: Dept of Labor Stds Enforcement does not have discretion to withdraw penalty assessed against employer insured by unauthorized carrier.
Citation: 125 Cal. App. 4th 1357
WCC Citation: WCC 30742005 CA
Case Name: State Compensation Fund v. WCAB (Guzman) CA6 01/30/2018
Note: A California appellate court ruled that a construction worker was not entitled to benefits for a psychiatric injury from an accident where his compacter overturned.
Citation: H044300
WCC Citation: W.C.A.B. No. ADJ6839277
Case Name: State Compensation Ins. Fund v. Notis Enterprises 06/07/2010
Note: [Unpublished] Discovery order upheld.
Citation: B213079
WCC Citation: WCC 36362010 CA
Case Name: State Compensation Ins. Fund v. Zamora 03/21/2011
Note: The U.S. Supreme Court will not review a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that allowed a bankruptcy trustee to recoup a $101,531 restitution payment made to State Compensation Insurance Fund.
Citation: 10-796
WCC Citation: WCC 37332011 CA
Case Name: State Compensation Insurance Fund v. Sana Khan 01/27/2018
Note: Broad liability releases in lien settlements prevent California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund from suing Accident Help Line and providers that the carrier says overbilled for medical treatment.
Citation: No. 16-55501
WCC Citation: D.C. No. 8:12-cv-01072-CJC-JCG
Case Name: State Compensation Insurance Fund v. WallDesign, Inc., 10/20/2011
Note: The four-year statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit to collect unpaid premium begins running after the insurer completes an audit and demands payment, if the policy states those terms, the California 4th District Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday in a case of first impression.
Citation: G044354
WCC Citation: WCC 38142011 CA
Case Name: State Compensation Insurance Fund v. WCAB (Guzman) 01/30/2018
Citation: H044300
WCC Citation: W.C.A.B. No. ADJ6839277
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