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Case Name: Tiffany v. Smith 08/31/2012
Note: Sufficient evidence supported a jury's determination that an affluent San Diego doctor had discriminated against a physician with a broken arm by terminating him and then claiming this was done for financial purposes.
Citation: D058510
WCC Citation: WCC 39292012 CA
Case Name: Tiffin v. WCAB (New Idria Mining) 12/15/1972
Note: Requirement on WCAB to make proper service may be waived by applicant.
Citation: 38 CCC 53
WCC Citation: WCC 27831972 CA
Case Name: Tilbury Constructors, Inc. v. State Compensation Ins. Fund 03/07/2006
Note: Insurer's decision not to pursue its subrogation rights does not constitute a breach of contract or a breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing.
Citation: 137 Cal. App. 4th 466
WCC Citation: WCC 31462006 CA
Case Name: Tilley v. CZ Master Ass'n 07/26/2005
Note: Party not liable for injuries of independent contractor if its authority does not affirmatively contribute to the injuries.
Citation: 131 Cal.App.4th 464
WCC Citation: WCC 31102005 CA
Case Name: Tipler v. City of Palmdale 03/03/2009
Note: A worker failed to show that his open claim tolled the statute of limitations for his future tort action.
Citation: B205862
WCC Citation: WCC 35022009 CA
Case Name: Tomlin v. WCAB 05/16/2008
Note: Claimant was required by his employer to maintain physical fitness and pass annual, mandatory physical fitness tests. He was injured when he slipped on a sidewalk while on a three-mile training run for his employer-mandated physical fitness test. Under the facts of this case, claimant's injury is compensable pursuant to section 3600, subdivision (a)(9).
Citation: B199429
WCC Citation: WCC 33612008 CA
Case Name: Toohey v. WCAB 05/04/1973
Note: Because act of leaving for lunch was tolerated, injury while off premises is compensable.
Citation: 32 Cal. App. 3d 98
WCC Citation: WCC 30551973 CA
Case Name: Torres vs. Parkhouse Tire Service 08/30/2001
Note: In civil action against another employee, injured worker must prove intent to injure.
Citation: 26 Cal.4th 995
WCC Citation: WCC 28202001 CA
Case Name: Torretta v. Naltsas 09/15/2010
Note: A one-year statute of limitations barred a carpenter's suit against his private treating dermatologist, because he waited too long to file the suit after his workers' compensation physicians told him that his corticosteroid injections caused his severe hip condition, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled.
Citation: B219421
WCC Citation: WCC 36682010 CA
Case Name: Transactron, Inc. v. WCAB (Spears) 03/18/1977
Note: The role of employment in an act of violence is inconsequential when it merely provides a place where the assailant can find the victim.
Citation: 68 Cal.App.3d 233
WCC Citation: WCC 31171977 CA
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