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Case Name: State Farm Fire & Cas. Co. v. WCAB (Leonard) 12/18/1997
Note: Regardless of relationship, if parties jointly consent to WC coverage, liability will be found against 'employer'.
Citation: 16 Cal.4th 1187
WCC Citation: WCC 4191997 CA
Case Name: State Farm Insurance et al. v. WCAB (Pearson) 01/26/2011
Note: The California 2nd District Court of Appeal created new case law Wednesday when it ruled that an applicant improperly had ex parte communication with a medical examiner in a case.
Citation: B211431
WCC Citation: WCC 37112011 CA
Case Name: State of CA Division of Occupational Safety and Health v. Superior Ct. of LA County 04/23/2012
Note: The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health does not need to produce the 2,200 files requested by a litigant.
Citation: B235419
WCC Citation: WCC 38892012 CA
Case Name: State of CA v. IAC (Corsinotti) 10/03/1961
Note: Imbecility of worker didn't foreclose finding that he suffered compensable permanent partial disability.
Citation: 196 Cal.App.2d 10
WCC Citation: WCC 25481961 CA
Case Name: State of CA v. Super. Ct. 12/12/1997
Note: Third-party barred from cross-complaining against employer for indemnity and contribution.
Citation: 60 Cal.App.4th 659
WCC Citation: WCC 23961997 CA
Case Name: State of CA v. WCAB (Butterworth) 01/31/1980
Note: State has burden of proving the deceased employee did not leave surviving anyone entitled to dependency death benefits.
Citation: 101 Cal.App.3d 673
WCC Citation: WCC 24641980 CA
Case Name: State of CA v. WCAB (Ellison) 04/03/1996
Note: WCAB jurisdiction to impose penalty for delay in pmt. of State's industrial disability indemnity.
Citation: 44 Cal.App.4th 128
WCC Citation: WCC 24461996 CA
Case Name: Steller v. Sears, Roebuck and Co. 10/14/2010
Note: When two parties seek to settle a civil action and a workers' compensation claim at a superior court settlement conference, the settlement must be conditioned upon the approval of the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled.
Citation: B219935
WCC Citation: WCC 36792010 CA
Case Name: Stephany L. Kramer v. Turner Construction Company 12/13/2010
Note: A general contractor is not responsible for injuries sustained by a subcontractor's employee while retrieving personal protective equipment because the general contractor did not control where the container with the equipment was located, California's First District Court of Appeals.
Citation: A128063
WCC Citation: WCC 36912010 CA
Case Name: Stephens v. County of Tulare 05/25/2006
Note: Dismissal of government employee under Government Code 31725 following industrial injuries requires severance of the employment relationship.
Citation: 38 Cal. 4th 793
WCC Citation: WCC 31582006 CA
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