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Case Name: Bautista v. State of California 12/06/2011
Note: The 2nd District Court of Appeal issued a published decision affirming the dismissal of a lawsuit contending that the state of California failed to protect farm workers from heat-related illnesses.
Citation: B226102
WCC Citation: WCC 38302011 CA
Case Name: Bawaan v. Civil Service Commission of Los Angeles County 09/11/2012
Note: A municipal employer could rely on competent medical and legal evidence to conclude that an employee with severe, long-standing and debilitating psychiatric conditions was unable to perform her regular duties or any alternate position, and was not required to await resolution of her workers' compensation claim before medically releasing her from employment.
Citation: B230200
WCC Citation: WCC 39312012 CA
Case Name: Baxter v. Riverside Community College District 04/03/2012
Note: A disabled college professor was not entitled to reinstatement after taking disability leave because she did not provide adequate notice of her ability to return to work.
Citation: E052406
WCC Citation: WCC 38822012 CA
Case Name: Bazzini v. Technicolor, Inc. 01/21/2010
Note: Workers' compensation is the only redress for an employee who contracted cancer from chemical exposure at work because he submitted no proof that his employer concealed the danger and caused an aggravation of his injury.
Citation: B205947
WCC Citation: WCC 35932010 CA
Case Name: Beaida v. WCAB 06/17/1968
Note: Doctor's letter to WCAB asking for adjustment in disability rating was valid petition for review, timely filed.
Citation: 263 Cal.App.2d 204, 33 CCC 345
WCC Citation: WCC 26421968 CA
Case Name: Becerra v. Eastside Reservior Proj., et. al. 07/17/1997
Note: Proper procedure to follow involving 3201.5 cases.
Citation: 62 CCC 937
WCC Citation: WCC 3941997 CA
Case Name: Bed, Bath & Beyond v. WCAB 12/13/2007
Note: [Unpublished] An employer is not required to provide a notice of permanent disability benefits until the last temporary disability payment is made or has become due.
Citation: H031400
WCC Citation: WCC 32882007 CA
Case Name: Bekins Moving & Storage Company v. WCAB 11/23/1982
Note: There is a five year statute of limitations for requests for rehabilitation.
Citation: 137 Cal.App.3d 665, 47 CCC 1260
WCC Citation: WCC 25031982 CA
Case Name: Bell v. Samaritan Medical Clinic, Inc. 07/26/1976
Note: Medical provider may not charge injured worker for any amount not covered by comp.
Citation: 60 CA 3d 486; 41 CCC 415
WCC Citation: WCC 30251976 CA
Case Name: Bell v. WCAB 03/10/1987
Note: Motion to set aside C&R by lien claimant barred by laches because claimant waited 7 years.
Citation: 52 CCC 72 (Writ Denied)
WCC Citation: WCC 28781987 CA
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