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Case Name: Brown-Ravis, Inc. v. Superior Ct. of State of CA 01/01/2001
Note: WCAB jurisdiction attaches at time of service when claim is served to opposing party concurrent with filing.
Citation: 38 CCC 193 (unpublished)
WCC Citation: WCC 27842001 CA
Case Name: Browning-Ferris Industries v. WCAB 02/14/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The percentage of a previous award of PD must be subtracted from a newer award of PD.
Citation: B193443
WCC Citation: WCC 33162008 CA
Case Name: Bryant v. IAC 05/15/1951
Note: 4661 not intended to affect construction of Unemployment Ins. Act
Citation: 37 Cal.2d 215, 16 CCC 121
WCC Citation: WCC 25421951 CA
Case Name: Bryer v. Santa Cruz Pasta Factory 09/15/1995
Note: Dicussing level of necessary proof that manufacturer conveyed information to employer
Citation: 38 Cal.App.4th 1711, 60 CCC 944
WCC Citation: WCC 24231995 CA
Case Name: Buchmiller v. Hines Nurseries 07/11/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Buchmiller has not raised any triable issue of fact in support of the claimed discrimination. The undisputed facts demonstrate that in the period leading up to the alleged termination of his employment, Buchmiller's physician had concluded he could not perform the duties of his shop manager position, and that Hines had no other permanent alternative or modified work to offer him.
Citation: G038463
WCC Citation: WCC 33972008 CA
Case Name: Buescher v. WCAB 09/06/1968
Note: Board had jurisdiction and duty to grant reconsideration if it disagreed with findings of referee.
Citation: 265 Cal.App.2d 520, 33 CCC 537
WCC Citation: WCC 26511968 CA
Case Name: Burbank Studios v. WCAB 08/11/1982
Note: Board may not rewrite a C&R, limited to approval/disapproval.
Citation: 134 Cal.App.3d 929, 47 CCC 832
WCC Citation: WCC 27461982 CA
Case Name: Burch v. WCAB (UPS) 04/16/1998
Note: Despite inability to produce RU-94 form proving applicant had been offered modified work, employer can produce other evidence of such offer.
Citation: 63 CCC 606
WCC Citation: WCC 27921998 CA
Case Name: Burnham v. WCAB 05/09/2008
Note: [Unpublished] Good cause sufficient to invoke section 5803 may consist of newly discovered evidence that was previously unavailable, a change in the law, or any factor or circumstance unknown at the time the original award or order was made that renders the previous findings and award inequitable.
Citation: C055988
WCC Citation: WCC 33542008 CA
Case Name: Burns v. WCAB 03/25/1987
Note: Sheriff not limited to VRTD while simultaneously receiving pension from prior employer.
Citation: 190 CAL.APP.3D 759, 52 CCC 111
WCC Citation: WCC 26881987 CA
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