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Case Name: Valero v. Board of Retirement of Tulare County Employees' Retirement Assoc. 05/01/2012
Note: A county office worker with a disabling psychiatric condition failed to prove his panic disorder was service-connected.
Citation: F062601
WCC Citation: WCC 38912012 CA
Case Name: Van Voorhis vs. WCAB (Bethlehem Steel Corp.) 02/04/1974
Note: Compensation must be measured by the applicant's earning capacity as it existed at the time he incurred his compensable disability.
Citation: 37 CA3d 81
WCC Citation: WCC 30291974 CA
Case Name: Vanderheiden v. City of Alameda 06/02/2009
Note: [Unpublished] There are genuine issues of fact regarding plaintiff's psychological health and his ability to perform his job.
Citation: A120169
WCC Citation: WCC 35302009 CA
Case Name: Vargas v. WCAB 10/15/1986
Note: WCJ has no jurisdiction to permit rescission of order of dismissal absent timely objection.
Citation: 51 CCC 480
WCC Citation: WCC 27211986 CA
Case Name: Vargas vs. Atascadero State Hospital 04/11/2006
Note: SB 899 apportionment rules apply to reopened cases seeking increased permanent disability regardless of date of injury.
Citation: 71 CCC 500 (2006)
WCC Citation: WCC 31552006 CA
Case Name: Varisco v. Gateway Science and Engineering, Inc. 09/15/2008
Note: All the undisputed facts add up to an independent contractor relationship.
Citation: B200339
WCC Citation: WCC 34242008 CA
Case Name: Vasquez v. Del Rio Sanitarium, Inc. 03/05/2012
Note: A nursing assistant was awarded $196,760 in a Fair Employment and Housing claim, based on her former employer's failure to accommodate her medical restrictions during the early stages of her pregnancy.
Citation: B231327
WCC Citation: WCC 38662012 CA
Case Name: Vasquez v. Juan Jose Interiano 07/06/2009
Note: [Unpublished] There is a rebuttable presumption that an unlicensed worker performing work for which a license is required is an employee rather than an independent contractor.
Citation: B202120
WCC Citation: WCC 35392009 CA
Case Name: Vaught v. State 12/18/2007
Note: The workers' compensation exclusivity rule of Labor Code section 3602 bars the civil action of plaintiff for injuries plaintiff sustained while residing on state premises.
Citation: 157 Cal. App. 4th 1538; 69 Cal. Rptr. 3d 605
WCC Citation: WCC 32912007 CA
Case Name: Vaynberg v. Chevron Products Company 03/14/2013
Note: Chevron Products Co. was not a dual employer of a computer analyst employed by a staffing agency.
Citation: A131126
WCC Citation: WCC 39912013 CA
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