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Case Name: Zimmon v. City of San Bernardino 09/16/2011
Note: The former police chief for the City of San Bernardino is entitled to a disability pension after showing that he would have likely received a disability retirement had he not been terminated, the 4th District Court of Appeal determined.
Citation: E050314
WCC Citation: WCC 38032011 CA
Case Name: Zinchik v. Moore 10/26/2011
Note: A contractor must reimburse a customer $1.47 million he received for construction work on a residential home because he had misclassified an administrative worker, the 1st District Court of Appeal concluded.
Citation: A129548
WCC Citation: WCC 38162011 CA
Case Name: Zipton v. WCAB 03/14/1990
Note: Carcinogen presumption not activated without establishment of causal relation.
Citation: 218 Cal.App.3d 980
WCC Citation: WCC 4131990 CA
Case Name: Zozaya v. WCAB 08/28/1972
Note: Reconsideration should've been granted where conflict between doctor's and referee's description of disability.
Citation: 27 Cal.App.3d 464
WCC Citation: WCC 26611972 CA
Case Name: Zullo v. Superior Court of Santa Clara County 06/21/2011
Note: An employer could not force a Fair Employment and Housing Act suit into arbitration, because its arbitration policy was both procedurally and substantively unfair, the 6th District Court of Appeal ruled in an unpublished opinion.
Citation: H036242
WCC Citation: WCC 37752011 CA
Case Name: Zuniga v. WCAB (Interactive Trucking) 01/23/2018
Note: California’s 1st District Court of Appeal on Friday ruled that injured workers do not have a due process right to know the identifies of the medical professionals performing their independent medical reviews.
Citation: A143290
WCC Citation: WCAB No. ADJ2563341)
Case Name: Zurich Ins. Co. v. WCAB 08/02/1973
Note: Referee's notice of increased award brought case within 5 yr. statute of limitations.
Citation: 9 Cal.3d 848
WCC Citation: WCC 26601973 CA
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