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Florianman kleinman

Insurance Defense at statue of liberty
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thousand oaks
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Case Name: Tensfeldt v. WCAB 08/20/1998
Note: Conviction of fraud bars applicant from receiving any compensation under 3207.
Citation: 66 Cal. App. 4th 116
WCC Citation: WCC 4021998 CA
Case Name: Terra Linda Farms, Inc., et al v. California Fair Employment and Housing Commission 01/19/2012
Note: Substantial evidence supported a Fair Employment and Housing Commission decision to award two female workers $96,575 in damages.
Citation: F059869
WCC Citation: WCC 38452012 CA
Case Name: The Earthgrains Co. v. WCAB (Hansen) 07/03/2008
Note: [Unpublished] From the WCAB's opinion and the evidence provided with the petition for writ of review, it is impossible to determine the WCAB's basis for concluding Hansen became permanent and stationary on August 24, 2006.
Citation: F054600
WCC Citation: WCC 33922008 CA
Case Name: The People v. Crystal Caldwell 04/20/2011
Note: An applicant must serve a sentence of at least three years on formal probation for workers' compensation fraud and attempted perjury, thanks to a claims examiner's hunch and surveillance video.
Citation: B222055
WCC Citation: WCC 37492011 CA
Case Name: The People v. Kinya Jeanette Atlas-Hearn 04/22/2011
Note: A trial court did not err by failing to give jury instructions that explained the rules regarding use of circumstantial evidence in the trial of a bus driver accused of workers' compensation fraud because the prosecution relied on direct evidence.
Citation: E049871
WCC Citation: WCC 37522011 CA
Case Name: Thomas v. City of Los Angeles 12/06/2012
Note: The 2nd District Court of Appeals overturned a $705,804 verdict in favor of a former Los Angeles police officer on his disability discrimination claims based on prejudicial errors in the instructions issued to the jury at trial.
Citation: B229265
WCC Citation: WCC 39562012 CA
Case Name: Thomas v. Duggins Construction Company 05/25/2006
Note: Intentional tortfeasor is not entitled to apporionment of non-economic damages under Prop 51.
Citation: 139 Cal.App.4th 1105
WCC Citation: WCC 31592006 CA
Case Name: Thomas v. Sports Chalet, Inc. (En Banc) 08/17/1977
Note: Settlement of rehab. prohibited absent good faith dispute re. liability.
Citation: 42 CCC 625
WCC Citation: WCC 26201977 CA
Case Name: Thompson v. City of Los Angeles 06/22/2010
Note: The appellate court noted that a timely FEHA complaint requires an employee to file an administrative charge with the Department of Fair Employment and housing within a year of the last alleged violation. The appeals court examined Thompson's allegations, determined that no acts of retaliation occurred within a year, and affirmed the trial court's decision to grant DWP's motion for summary judgment.
Citation: B213601
WCC Citation: WCC 36412010 CA
Case Name: Thompson v. WCAB 06/21/1994
Note: Avoidable consequences doctrine does not apply to workers comp. claims.
Citation: 25 Cal.App.4th 1781
WCC Citation: WCC 24041994 CA
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