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Case Name: American Safety Casualty Ins. Co. v. Mothershead 05/12/2009
Note: [Unpublished] Two plaintiffs who did not accept pretrial settlement offers are not liable for a defendant's expert witness fees, because the offers were unclear and conditional.
Citation: B206494
WCC Citation: WCC 35212009 CA
Case Name: Amerigas Propane, LP v. Landstar Ranger, Inc. 05/18/2010
Note: A trial court should not have granted a defendant's motion for summary judgment because a factual question existed about whether an injured trucker was an employee, and whether a company owed him a duty as an independent contractor.
Citation: E048536
WCC Citation: WCC 36232010 CA
Case Name: Amico vs. WCAB 12/02/1974
Note: Prior rating or award does not necessarily evidence prior level of disability.
WCC Citation: WCC 30271974 CA
Case Name: An Independent Home Support Service, Inc. v. Superior Court of San Diego, State Compensation Insurance Fund 12/21/2006
Note: A referral agency that provides domestic workers to individuals and entities is deemed not to be the employers, for the purposes of workers' compensation, of the domestic workers they refer.
Citation: 145 Cal. App. 4th 1418
WCC Citation: WCC 32002006 CA
Case Name: Andersen v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board 04/19/2007
Note: Employer violated section 132a by requiring claimant to use his earned vacation time rather than sick leave to attend medical appointments to care for his industrial injuries.
Citation: 149 Cal. App. 4th 1369, 72 CCC 389
WCC Citation: WCC 32172007 CA
Case Name: Anderson v. Catholic Healthcare West 04/11/2013
Note: A hospital made reasonable efforts to accommodate a nurse with a severe latex allergy and its decision to fire her when a suitable modified duty position could not be found did not violate the Fair Employment and Housing Act.
Citation: A127934
WCC Citation: WCC 40022013 CA
Case Name: Anderson v. Denham Contracting 03/30/2009
Note: [Unpublished] A subcontractor did not owe a project foreman a duty of care to prevent him from falling through a hole in the roof.
Citation: A119834
WCC Citation: WCC 35092009 CA
Case Name: Anderson v. Union Oil Co. 07/17/1975
Note: Employer can provide in a voluntary benefit plan for credit against work comp. liabilities.
Citation: 49 Cal.App.3d 968, 40 CCC 970
WCC Citation: WCC 24601975 CA
Case Name: Andrade v. City of Milpitas 01/04/2013
Note: A municipal employer who allowed an employee to miss more than one out of every 10 days of work over a two-year period because of her fibromyalgia and made arrangements for her to work from home, made sufficient accommodation for the worker's disabilities.
Citation: H037124
WCC Citation: WCC 39702013 CA
Case Name: Angelotti v. Walt Disney Company et al. 02/24/2011
Note: Exclusive remedy barred a stuntman from suing a film production company because substantial evidence showed that it was his special employer, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled.
Citation: B219946
WCC Citation: WCC 37182011 CA
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