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Case Name: Beloud, Inc. v. WCAB 08/19/1975
Note: WCAB exceeded authority by modifying attorneys fees without attorney notice and opportunity to be heard.
Citation: 50 Cal.App.3d 729, 40 CCC 505
WCC Citation: WCC 26621975 CA
Case Name: Bennett v. WCAB 04/03/1986
Note: Peripheral vascular disability was not 'heart trouble' within meaning of this section.
Citation: 51 CCC 139
WCC Citation: WCC 4161986 CA
Case Name: Benson v. The Permanente Medical Group 12/13/2007
Note: The rule in Wilkinson is not consistent with the new requirement that apportionment be based on causation and, therefore, Wilkinson is no longer generally applicable.
Citation: 72 CCC 1620
WCC Citation: WCC 32892007 CA
Case Name: Benson vs. WCAB 02/10/2009
Note: Courts must separately rate successive injuries to the same body part that simultaneously become permanent and stationary.
Citation: A120462
WCC Citation: WCC 34902009 CA
Case Name: Bentley v. IAC 07/31/1946
Note: Atty. fees not to be fixed; Bd. evaluation protects applicant, encourages representation.
Citation: 75 Cal.App.2d 547, 11 CCC 204
WCC Citation: WCC 27171946 CA
Case Name: Bergenstal v. WCAB 04/09/2001
Note: Certain medical practitioners, who do not come within Labor Code section 3209.3, are authorized to provide services to an injured worker if the employer consents.
Citation: 45 Cal.App.4th 1272, 61 CCC 437
WCC Citation: WCC 4092001 CA
Case Name: Berkebile v. WCAB 06/20/1983
Note: Widow's claim filed within 240 weeks of her first knowledge of illness was timely filed.
Citation: 144 Cal.App.3d 940, 48 CCC 438
WCC Citation: WCC 25221983 CA
Case Name: Betancourt v. WCAB 03/30/1971
Note: The Code provides for and authorizes chiropractic treatment.
Citation: 16 Cal.App.3d 408, 36 CCC 186
WCC Citation: WCC 4111971 CA
Case Name: Bethlehem Steel Co. v. Industrial Accident Comm'n 07/30/1945
Note: Injuries compensable if employee injured while picking up bond at specified location.
Citation: 70 Cal. App. 2d 382
WCC Citation: WCC 30481945 CA
Case Name: Bethlehem Steel Corp. v. IAC 08/30/1951
Note: In reviewing award of IAC, questions not raised on application for rehearing won't be considered.
Citation: 106 Cal.App.2d 373, 16 CCC 210
WCC Citation: WCC 26571951 CA
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