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Case Name: DIR v. California State Personnel Board 10/05/2011
Note: The Department of Industrial Relations is not procedurally barred from challenging a decision ordering it to reinstate a Division of Occupational Safety and Health attorney, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled in an unpublished decision.
Citation: B228794
WCC Citation: WCC 38092011 CA
Case Name: Ditler v. WCAB 05/18/1982
Note: Doctor's testimony that worker would ultimately suffer disability was too speculative.
Citation: 131 Cal.App.3d 803, 47 CCC 492
WCC Citation: WCC 25511982 CA
Case Name: DMS Services, Inc. v. Superior Court of LA County 05/15/2012
Note: A third-party workers' compensation claims administrator could not compel arbitration of a client's breach-of-contract action pursuant to an agreement between the client and its insurance carrier.
Citation: B235819
WCC Citation: WCC 38952012 CA
Case Name: DMV v. IAC 02/16/1948
Note: Indemnity, whether temporary or permanent, is not paid concurrently with salary.
Citation: 83 Cal.App.2d 671, 13 CCC 23
WCC Citation: WCC 26851948 CA
Case Name: Doerflinger v. WCAB 10/25/1994
Note: Payments on a C&R and 'compensation' under the Code; Penalty may be based on failure to pay interest.
Citation: 59 CCC 834
WCC Citation: WCC 3921994 CA
Case Name: Domino's Pizza v. WCAB 11/20/2006
Note: The 2nd District Court of Appeal certified its opinion dated Oct. 23, 2006, for publication.
Citation: 144 Cal. App. 4th 1316
WCC Citation: WCC 31922006 CA
Case Name: Donaldson vs. Nat'l Marine, Inc. 03/14/2005
Note: California courts have concurrent jurisdiction over Jones Act injured maritime worker claims.
Citation: 35 Cal.4th 503
WCC Citation: WCC 30832005 CA
Case Name: Dorman v. Dept. of Justice 10/23/2008
Note: [Unpublished] A simple pleading of personnel management activity is insufficient to support a claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress, even if improper motivation is alleged. If personnel management decisions are improperly motivated, the remedy is a suit against the employer for discrimination.
Citation: B204217
WCC Citation: WCC 34382008 CA
Case Name: Doty Bros. Equipment Co. v. Palp, Inc. 09/20/2010
Note: A general contractor for a Los Angeles roadway improvement contract cannot recoup its settlement with a subcontractor's employee from the subcontractor, because the general contractor did not pursue a breach of contract claim against the subcontractor.
Citation: B219706
WCC Citation: WCC 36712010 CA
Case Name: Douglas Ross Construction, Inc. v. Narver Insurance Agency 10/31/2011
Note: A general contractor has no cause of action against an insurance broker who sold one of its subcontractors a policy that did not cover a workplace injury to an employee of his subcontractor's subcontractor, the California 6th District Court of Appeals ruled.
Citation: H036119
WCC Citation: WCC 38182011 CA
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