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Case Name: Henry v. WCAB 12/18/1998
Note: Seasonal employee is entitled to only 12 months of alternate seasonal work, not to 12 months of continuous work.
Citation: 68 Cal.App.4th 981, 63 CCC 1481
WCC Citation: WCC 27901998 CA
Case Name: Henstorf v. State Compensation Ins. Fund 09/04/2009
Note: [Unpublished] State Fund's conduct in combining with Blue Cross to form an efficient bargaining unit is expressly exempt from antitrust and unfair competition laws under Business and Professions Code section 16720, Health and Safety Code section 1342.6, and Insurance Code section 10133.6.
Citation: B210943
WCC Citation: WCC 35622009 CA
Case Name: Herek v. Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association 10/30/2017
Note: A California appellate court upheld the denial of a former law enforcement officer’s claim for disability retirement benefits, finding substantial evidence supported a determination that he was not permanently incapacitated from duty.
Citation: B275805
WCC Citation: Los Angeles County Super. Ct. No. BS155097
Case Name: Heritage Residential Care v. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement 01/26/2011
Note: A misclassification statute's use of the word 'inadvertent' did not excuse a nursing home's $72,000 fine for its inadvertent misclassification of 16 health care workers.
Citation: H034994
WCC Citation: WCC 37072011 CA
Case Name: Hernandez v. DeGroot & Sons 11/28/2007
Note: [Unpublished] Where there is a tenable claim of concurrent negligence, the consideration that an injured worker has workers' compensation coverage is no bar to recovery from the concurrent tortfeasor.
Citation: C051254
WCC Citation: WCC 32812007 CA
Case Name: Hernandez v. Gray Lift, Inc. 05/31/2012
Note: A California corporation could assert workers' compensation exclusivity as an affirmative defense to a wrongful death claim filed by the family of a laborer who was killed while working for it, pursuant to a contract under the corporation's fictitious business name.
Citation: F061759
WCC Citation: WCC 39042012 CA
Case Name: Hernandez v. Henkel Loctite Corporation 03/22/2018
Citation: ADJ6726149
WCC Citation: ADJ6726149
Case Name: Hernandez v. Pacific Bell Telephone Co. 01/24/2017
Citation: B260109
WCC Citation: Los Angeles County Super. Ct. No. BC507337
Case Name: Hernandez v. Target Corp. 02/19/2008
Note: [Unpublished] The trial court did not err in making the evidentiary rulings challenged by plaintiff, and plaintiff failed to exhaust her administrative remedies in connection with certain of her claims under the FEHA.
Citation: B195625
WCC Citation: WCC 33192008 CA
Case Name: Herrera v. CU Cooperative Systems 01/29/2013
Note: An employer defeated a pregnancy discrimination suit by showing that it had actually fired the plaintiff because she had coached a coworker on how to skip work
Citation: E052869
WCC Citation: WCC 39802013 CA
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