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Case Name: Barba v. Wal-Mart Transportation 03/01/2010
Note: [Unpublished] An employer's action for reimbursement against a third party tortfeasor is limited to recovery for damages proximately caused by the injury.
Citation: B213376
WCC Citation: WCC 36052010 CA
Case Name: Barboza v. Webcor Construction 12/31/1969
Note: A California appellate court ruled that a construction worker failed to establish his claims for violation of the California Family Rights Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act following an on-the-job injury.
Citation: A147144
WCC Citation: Alameda County Super. Ct. No. RG14737311
Case Name: Barclay v. Jesse M. Lange Distributor, Inc. 05/11/2005
Note: Property owner may be liable for injuries to independent contractor's employee where there was a breach in non-delegable regulatory duty.
Citation: 129 Cal.App.4th 281
WCC Citation: WCC 30982005 CA
Case Name: Barnes v. WCAB 07/10/2000
Note: CA. Supreme Ct. rules that Sec. 5803 is still subject to Sec. 5804's strict limitation period.
Citation: 23 Cal.4th 679, 65 CCC 780
WCC Citation: WCC 26452000 CA
Case Name: Barney v. National Gypsum Co. 09/15/2011
Note: A decedent's survivors could not avoid a stay on their wrongful death lawsuit by dismissing their workers' compensation claim against the decedent's potential employer.
Citation: A128854
WCC Citation: WCC 38012011 CA
Case Name: Baroid v. WCAB 07/14/1981
Note: Discussion of exceptions to 'going and coming' rule.
Citation: 121 C.A.3d 558
WCC Citation: WCC 28531981 CA
Case Name: Barr v. WCAB 06/23/2008
Note: The WCAB retains discretion to award costs under Labor Code section 5811, whether or not a vocational rehabilitation consultant's report itself is admissible under Labor Code section 5703.
Citation: C054907
WCC Citation: WCC 33872008 CA
Case Name: Barragan vs. WCAB, Hartford 10/19/1987
Note: Worker who receives instruction and training in lieu of monetary remuneration is an employee.
Citation: 195 Cal.App.3d 637
WCC Citation: WCC 29781987 CA
Case Name: Barrett Business Services, Inc v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board and Rafael Rivas 03/22/2012
Note: An employer must send an injured worker a second $17,000 settlement check after the first check was signed and cashed by an unknown party.
Citation: B233168
WCC Citation: WCC 38722012 CA
Case Name: Barrueta v. Ralphs Grocery Company 08/16/2012
Note: A trial court judge did not abuse his discretion in declining to grant class certification to a group of off-duty and retired peace officers who worked as security guards at various California grocery stores during a labor strike on their claims that they were misclassified as independent contractors.
Citation: B233152
WCC Citation: WCC 39202012 CA
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