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Labor Codes

138.1...Labor Code Section 138.1
The administrative director shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate and shall hold office at the pleasure of the Governor. He or she ...more
138.2...Labor Code Section 138.2
(a) The headquarters of the Division of Workers’ Compensation shall be based at and operated from a centrally located city. (c) All meetings held by the ...more
138.3...Labor Code Section 138.3
The administrative director shall, with respect to all injuries, prescribe, pursuant to Section 5402, reasonable rules and regulations requiring the employer to serve ...more
138.4...Labor Code Section 138.4
(2) Notices of any change in the amount or type of benefits being provided, the termination of benefits, the rejection of any liability for compensation, and an ...more
138.5...Labor Code Section 138.5
The Division of Workers’ Compensation shall cooperate in the enforcement of child support obligations. At the request of the Department of Child Support Services, ...more
138.6...Labor Code Section 138.6
The administrative director shall adopt regulations specifying the data elements to be collected by electronic data interchange. (b) The information system shall do ...more
138.7...Labor Code Section 138.7
The administrative director shall adopt regulations governing the access to the information described in this subdivision by these divisions. Any regulations adopted ...more
139.2...Labor Code Section 139.2
(B) Has successfully completed a residency training program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education or the osteopathic equivalent. ...more
139.21...Labor Code Section 139.21
(iii) It is a financial crime that relates to the federal Medicare or Medicaid programs, the Medi-Cal program, or the workers’ compensation system. (B) The ...more
139.3...Labor Code Section 139.3
(2) “Immediate family” includes the spouse and children of the physician, the parents of the physician, and the spouses of the children of the physician. ...more
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