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Labor Codes

3353...Labor Code Section 3353
“Independent contractor” means any person who renders service for a specified recompense for a specified result, under the control of his principal as to the ...more
3354...Labor Code Section 3354
Employers of employees defined by subdivision (d) of Section 3351 shall not be subject to the provisions of Sections 3710, 3710. 1, 3710. 2, 3711, 3712, and 3722, or any ...more
3355...Labor Code Section 3355
As used in subdivision (d) of Section 3351, the term “course of trade, business, profession, or occupation” includes all services tending toward the ...more
3356...Labor Code Section 3356
As used in subdivision (d) of Section 3351 and in Section 3355, the term “trade, business, profession, or occupation” includes any undertaking actually engaged ...more
3357...Labor Code Section 3357
Any person rendering service for another, other than as an independent contractor, or unless expressly excluded herein, is presumed to be an employee. (Enacted by Stats. ...more
3358...Labor Code Section 3358
Watchmen for nonindustrial establishments, paid by subscription by several persons, are not employees under this division. In other cases where watchmen, paid by ...more
3360...Labor Code Section 3360
Workmen associating themselves under a partnership agreement, the principal purpose of which is the performance of the labor on a particular piece of work are employees ...more
3361...Labor Code Section 3361
Each member registered as an active firefighting member of any regularly organized volunteer fire department, having official recognition, and full or partial support of ...more
3361.5...Labor Code Section 3361.5
Notwithstanding Section 3351, a volunteer, unsalaried person authorized by the governing board of a recreation and park district to perform volunteer services for the ...more
3362...Labor Code Section 3362
Each male or female member registered as an active policeman or policewoman of any regularly organized police department having official recognition and full or partial ...more
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