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Labor Codes

3363...Labor Code Section 3363
Each member registered with the Department of Fish and Game as an active member of the reserve fish and game warden program of the department is an employee of the ...more
3363.5...Labor Code Section 3363.5
(a) Notwithstanding Sections 3351, 3352, and 3357, a person who performs voluntary service without pay for a public agency, as designated and authorized by the ...more
3363.6...Labor Code Section 3363.6
(b) For purposes of this section, “voluntary service without pay” shall include the performance of services by a parent, without remuneration in cash, when ...more
3364...Labor Code Section 3364
3364.5...Labor Code Section 3364.5
Notwithstanding Section 3351 of the Labor Code, a volunteer, unsalaried person authorized by the governing board of a school district or the county superintendent of ...more
3364.55...Labor Code Section 3364.55
A ward of the juvenile court engaged in rehabilitative work without pay, under an assignment by order of the juvenile court to a work project on public property within ...more
3364.6...Labor Code Section 3364.6
Notwithstanding Sections 3351 and 3352, juvenile traffic offenders pursuant to Section 564 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, or juvenile probationers pursuant to ...more
3364.7...Labor Code Section 3364.7
(b) That in determining permanent disability benefits, average weekly earnings shall be taken at the minimum provided therefor in Section 4453. (Added by Stats. 1984, ...more
3365...Labor Code Section 3365
When the entity being served is the United States or an agency thereof, the State Department of Corrections shall be deemed the employer and the cost of workers’ ...more
3366...Labor Code Section 3366
(b) Nothing in this section shall be construed to provide workers’ compensation benefits to a person who is any of the following: (1) A law enforcement officer ...more
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