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Labor Codes

3367...Labor Code Section 3367
Rendering technical assistance shall include the time that person is traveling to, or returning from, the location of the potentially hazardous condition for which he or ...more
3368...Labor Code Section 3368
A registered student apprentice is a registered apprentice who is (1) at least 16 years of age, (2) a full-time high school student in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, and ...more
3369...Labor Code Section 3369
The inclusion of any person or groups of persons within the coverage of this division shall not cause any such person or group of persons to be within the coverage of any ...more
3370...Labor Code Section 3370
(2) The inmate shall not be entitled to any temporary disability indemnity benefits while incarcerated in a state prison. (3) No benefits shall be paid to an inmate ...more
3371...Labor Code Section 3371
If the issues are complex or if the inmate applicant requests, the Department of Corrections shall furnish a list of qualified workers’ compensation attorneys to ...more
3501...Labor Code Section 3501
(b) A spouse to whom a deceased employee is married at the time of death shall be conclusively presumed to be wholly dependent for support upon the deceased employee ...more
3502...Labor Code Section 3502
In all other cases, questions of entire or partial dependency and questions as to who are dependents and the extent of their dependency shall be determined in accordance ...more
3503...Labor Code Section 3503
3550...Labor Code Section 3550
(b) Failure to keep any notice required by this section conspicuously posted shall constitute a misdemeanor, and shall be prima facie evidence of noninsurance. ...more
3551...Labor Code Section 3551
The content of the notice required by this section shall be prescribed by the administrative director after consultation with the Commission on Health and Safety and ...more
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