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Labor Codes

6140...Labor Code Section 6140
The hospitalization, medical treatment, and indemnity, including death benefits, provided pursuant to this division shall be the same as provided by Division 4 of this ...more
6141...Labor Code Section 6141
Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the provisions of Division 4 of this code, relating to benefits, procedure, and limitations, and all other provisions of ...more
6142...Labor Code Section 6142
The provisions of Sections 3212, 3212. 5, 3361, 4458, and 4800 to 4855, inclusive, of this code, as well as of other sections of Division 4 of this code, which are ...more
6143...Labor Code Section 6143
The appeals board is vested with all power not inconsistent with Article VI of the Constitution of the State of California to hear and determine any dispute or matter ...more
6144...Labor Code Section 6144
The appeals board may try and determine controversies under this division referred to it by the parties under the provisions of Title 9 (commencing with Section 1280) of ...more
6145...Labor Code Section 6145
The state, acting by or through any state agency, or when the consent of the opposing party is obtained, shall submit to the appeals board all controversies under this ...more
6146...Labor Code Section 6146
In acting as arbitrator, the appeals board has all the powers which it has in compensation cases, and its findings and award upon an arbitration have the same ...more
6147...Labor Code Section 6147
No state agency, either directly or through its adjusting agency, the State Compensation Insurance Fund, shall pay or provide any benefit authorized by this division ...more
6148...Labor Code Section 6148
The insurer, when insurance exists, shall not pay or provide any benefit authorized by this division unless and until the claimant makes and delivers to the insurer an ...more
6149...Labor Code Section 6149
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