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Labor Codes

5813...Labor Code Section 5813
In addition, a workers’ compensation referee or the appeals board, in its sole discretion, may order additional sanctions not to exceed two thousand five hundred ...more
5814...Labor Code Section 5814
In any proceeding under this section, the appeals board shall use its discretion to accomplish a fair balance and substantial justice between the parties. This ...more
5814.1...Labor Code Section 5814.1
The question of delay and the reasonableness of the cause therefor shall be determined by the appeals board in accordance with the facts. (Added by Stats. 1981, Ch. 894, ...more
5814.5...Labor Code Section 5814.5
5814.6...Labor Code Section 5814.6
(a) Any employer or insurer that knowingly violates Section 5814 with a frequency that indicates a general business practice is liable for administrative penalties of ...more
5815...Labor Code Section 5815
Every order, decision or award, other than an order merely appointing a trustee or guardian, shall contain a determination of all issues presented for determination by ...more
5816...Labor Code Section 5816
A determination of facts by the appeals board under this chapter has no collateral estoppel effect on a subsequent criminal prosecution and does not preclude litigation ...more
5900...Labor Code Section 5900
The petition shall be made only within the time and in the manner specified in this chapter. (b) At any time within 60 days after the filing of an order, decision, or ...more
5901...Labor Code Section 5901
Nothing herein contained shall prevent the enforcement of any final order, decision, or award, in the manner provided in this division. (Amended by Stats. 1985, Ch. 326, ...more
5902...Labor Code Section 5902
The petition shall be verified upon oath in the manner required for verified pleadings in courts of record and shall contain a general statement of any evidence or other ...more
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