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Labor Codes

1861...Labor Code Section 1861
Each contractor to whom a public works contract is awarded shall sign and file with the awarding body the following certification prior to performing the work of the ...more
3200...Labor Code Section 3200
The Legislature hereby declares its intent that the term “workmen’s compensation” shall hereafter also be known as “workers’ compensation, ” ...more
3201...Labor Code Section 3201
This division and Division 5 (commencing with Section 6300) are an expression of the police power and are intended to make effective and apply to a complete system of ...more
3201.5...Labor Code Section 3201.5
Any provision for arbitration established pursuant to this section shall not be subject to Sections 5270, 5270. 5, 5271, 5272, 5273, 5275, and 5277. (2) The use of an ...more
3201.7...Labor Code Section 3201.7
(2) The labor-management agreement is restricted to the establishment of the terms and conditions necessary to implement this section. Any provision for arbitration ...more
3201.81...Labor Code Section 3201.81
In the horse racing industry, the organization certified by the California Horse Racing Board to represent the majority of licensed jockeys pursuant to subdivision (b) of ...more
3201.9...Labor Code Section 3201.9
The report shall include updated data on each item set forth in subdivision (i) of Section 3201. 5 and subdivision (h) of Section 3201. 7 for the previous year for ...more
3202...Labor Code Section 3202
This division and Division 5 (commencing with Section 6300) shall be liberally construed by the courts with the purpose of extending their benefits for the protection of ...more
3202.5...Labor Code Section 3202.5
All parties and lien claimants shall meet the evidentiary burden of proof on all issues by a preponderance of the evidence in order that all parties are considered equal ...more
3203...Labor Code Section 3203
This division and Division 5 (commencing with Section 6300) do not apply to employers or employments which, according to law, are so engaged in interstate commerce as not ...more
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