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Labor Codes

3210...Labor Code Section 3210
3211...Labor Code Section 3211
“Insurer” includes the State Compensation Insurance Fund and any private company, corporation, mutual association, reciprocal or interinsurance exchange ...more
3211.5...Labor Code Section 3211.5
3211.9...Labor Code Section 3211.9
“Disaster council” means a public agency established by ordinance which is empowered to register and direct the activities of disaster service workers within ...more
3211.91...Labor Code Section 3211.91
A disaster council remains accredited only while the certification of the Office of Emergency Services is in effect and is not revoked. 2013, Ch. 352, Sec. 543 of Ch. ...more
3211.92...Labor Code Section 3211.92
(a) “Disaster service worker” means any natural person who is registered with an accredited disaster council or a state agency for the purpose of engaging in ...more
3211.93...Labor Code Section 3211.93
“Disaster service” means all activities authorized by and carried on pursuant to the California Emergency Services Act, including training necessary or proper ...more
3211.93a...Labor Code Section 3211.93a
“Disaster service” does not include any activities or functions performed by a person if the accredited disaster council with which that person is registered ...more
3212...Labor Code Section 3212
In the case of regular salaried county or city and county peace officers, the term “injury” also includes any hernia that manifests itself or develops during a ...more
3212.1...Labor Code Section 3212.1
(B) A fire department of the University of California and the California State University. (2) Active firefighting members of a fire department that serves a United ...more
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