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10111.1....Schedule of Administrative Penalties for Injuries On or After January 1, 1994
Penalties will not be assessed for violations occurring during the period January 1, 1994 through March 31, 1994 for acts or omissions for which there previously existed ...more
10111.2....Full Compliance Audit Penalty Schedules; Target Audit Penalty Schedule
  Penalty amounts for payments made over 30 days late are assessed pursuant to section 10108(c) and subdivision (a)(3) of this section.   Penalty amounts for ...more
10112....Liability for Penalty Assessments
The audit subject is liable for all penalty assessments, except that if the audit subject is acting as a third-party administrator, the client of that third-party ...more
  (b) “Administrative Director” means the Administrative Director of the Division of Workers Compensation, including his or her designee.   (h) ...more
10112.2....Schedule of Administrative Penalties Pursuant to Labor Code §5814.6
The five year period of time shall begin on the date of issuance of any penalty award not previously subject to an administrative penalty assessment pursuant to Labor ...more
10112.3....Notice of Administrative Penalty Assessment, Appeal Hearing Procedures and Review
  (h) Failure to timely file an appeal shall constitute a waiver of the appellant's right to an evidentiary hearing. Unless set forth in the appeal, all defenses to ...more
10116....Applicability of Article
The provisions of this article are applicable to Articles 6. 5, 7, and 7. 5 of these regulations, except for the definitions in section 10116. 9. The definitions in ...more
10116.1....Filing and Reporting Requirements
  (2) Case opening documents shall be assigned a case number by the Division of Workers' Compensation after filing where no case number has been previously assigned ...more
10116.2....Electronic Filing Exemption
If a document is filed with EAMS as part of the electronic filing trial, that document does not need to be filed in compliance with sections 10228 and 10232 of title 8 of ...more
10116.3....Incomplete Filings
(a) A form filed without the attachments or enclosures required by these rules is deemed incomplete and shall not be deemed filed for any purpose. All incomplete requests ...more
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