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Workers' Compensation News

AIA, Liberty File Appeal on CA Retro Tax 04/12/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 32 | 0
The American Insurance Association (AIA), American International Companies and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company have filed an appeal with the California Board of Equalization (BOE), the state's highest tax policy entity, challenging recent efforts by the California Department of Insurance (Departmen...Read More
API Announces Operating Room CT Scan Capability 04/11/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 31 | 0
With cost containment an elusive goal and health care costs skyrocketing, Dr. Michael Minehart announced to the California Applicant Attorneys Association LAVAAA Chapter meeting Wednesday night his intention to include CT scanning at no additional expense to workers...Read More
AIA and AAI Applaud New OSHA Guidelines 04/09/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 27 | 0
The American Insurance Association (AIA) today applauded the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) for its just-announced strategy to reduce ergonomic-related workplace injuries. The guidelines, unveiled by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) yesterday, do not require mandated compensa...Read More
Appellate Court Upholds WCJ Young's Dismissal 03/29/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 51 | 0
The Second Appellate District of California ruled against former Workers...Read More
AIA Says Maine Changes Will Help Workers 03/27/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 57 | 0
A bill sponsored by Maine Governor Angus King would balance the needs of seriously injured workers with manageable costs for the business community, according to the American Insurance Association (AIA). 'The Governor's bill would reverse the court decision Kotch v. American Protective Serv...Read More
AIA Says CA DOI to Review Retro-Tax 03/26/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 54 | 0
According to the American Insurance Association (AIA), the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has accepted its request to review the California Department of Insurance's (CDI) recent retroactive premium tax notice. This notice, sent to workers' compensation insurers on February 25, 2002, ...Read More
AAI Withdraws Support for Florida Reform Bill 03/13/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 53 | 0
The Alliance of American Insurers, a leading member of the Coalition of Business and Insurance Industry, which has been working to reform the troubled Florida workers compensation system, has withdrawn its support for proposed legislation now pending in the state legislature. While the Coali...Read More
AIA Requests Review of DOI Tax 03/13/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 61 | 0
The American Insurance Association (AIA) has asked the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) to review the California Department of Insurance's (Department) recent retroactive premium tax notice. The notice violates the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act, according to AIA. ...Read More
AAI Says NY Chiro Fee Schedule not Warranted 03/11/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 60 | 0
New York employers already reeling from rapidly escalating workers compensation medical costs would face substantial new increases if a bill to increase chiropractic fees is approved in the legislature, the Alliance of American Insurers warned. 'Assembly Bill 2946, now in the Labor Committe...Read More
AAI Threatens CA DOI with Suit over Taxes 03/07/2002
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 56 | 0 | Popular with Legal
The Alliance of American Insurers is strongly protesting California's decision to treat workers compensation policy deductibles as premium and charge state tax on deductibles paid since 1997. 'Just because a quirk in California law requires insurers to pay workers compensation benefits in t...Read More
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