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Workers' Compensation News

WCRI Finds CA Claim Costs Highest in Nation 07/22/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 64 | 0
Workers' compensation claim costs increased at a double-digit rate, according to a new study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI). Claim costs grew by 11 percent between 1997 and 1998 (as of 1999 experience). Both medical costs and income benefit costs grew significantly. The s...Read More
Wyoming Debates Reporting Deadlines 07/13/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 110 | 0
The Wyoming state Workers' Safety and Compensation Division wants the Legislature to restore deadlines, which the Wyoming Supreme Court recently nullified, for reporting injuries to employers and the division. The deadlines in question give employees 72 hours after an injury to report it to t...Read More
Was 3208.3 Wrong? 06/21/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 76 | 0
The Wall Street Journal recently ran a series of articles reporting that depression in the workplace costs U.S. businesses about $70 billion a year in medical expenditures and lost productivity.[n1] It is estimated that more than 51 million Americans have a mental disorder in a single year, and...Read More
Work Comp In Headlines Again 05/27/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 174 | 0
The Los Angeles Times, on Sunday, 5/27/01, published yet another article on workers...Read More
Work Disability Harassment Covered by ADA 05/22/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 74 | 0 | Popular with Legal
Though not directly related to workers...Read More
Workplace Deaths Down says CDCP 04/27/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 75 | 0
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), workplace deaths in the United States have dropped by nearly half over the last two decades. The Center credits new technology, stricter safty regulations, and a shift in the economy toward safer service-industry jobs. The C...Read More
Washington to Review if Examiners Practice Law 04/13/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 84 | 0
According to WestLaw, the Washington Supreme Court has agreed to an appeal of a lower state court decision that held that an insurance adjuster was practicing law without a license when she persuaded an automobile accident victim to waive her rights to sue in return for a settlement that covered onl...Read More
Wausau Binding Comp On-Line 03/28/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 87 | 0
Small business owners can now apply for workers...Read More
WCIRB Foregoes Rate Increase Recommendation 03/23/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 79 | 0
After reviewing statewide yearend 2000 loss data, the WCIRB has elected to not to file for an interim July 1, 2001 increase in advisory pure premium rates. An interim filing was being considered as losses have been deteriorating throughout 2000. The WCIRB's review of the yearend 2000 ...Read More
Work Comp Profits Down 86% in 2 Years 03/08/2001
State: Natl. | Segment: Top | 83 | 0
Profits in the workers' compensation insurance industry have declined an astonishing 86 percent since 1998. The first nine months of 2000 saw an industry total profit of $144 million compared to $1 billion during the same period in 1998, according to Weiss Ratings, Inc. The general property...Read More
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