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Workers' Compensation News


Report: Judge Dismisses Fraud Charges Against Four Doctors 08/19/2019
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 2000 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 29 min read
A judge dismissed fraud charges against four doctors accused of defrauding California comp carriers, according to a report by the Modesto Bee. ...Read More

Movie Production Company Fined for Worker Injuries 08/19/2019
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 751 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 50 min read
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited a California production company working on a sequel to “Bad Boys” for exposing workers to injuries while filming in Georgia. ...Read More

Supreme Court Set to Hear Long-Awaited Case on Comp for Police Working Second Jobs 08/19/2019
By: William Rabb (Reporter)
State: TX | Segment: Top | 287 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 19 min read
The Texas Supreme Court in November will hear a case asking whether municipalities are required to provide workers' compensation coverage for injuries officers and deputies sustain moonlighting as security guards. ...Read More

Federal Court Lacks Jurisdiction Over IIED Claim Against Carrier 08/19/2019
State: MI | Segment: NORTH | 153 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 186 min read
The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the federal court system lacked jurisdiction over an intentional infliction of emotional distress claim filed by the guardians of an injured worker against his former employer’s comp carrier. ...Read More

Temp Service Worker Can't Maintain Tort Suit Against Employer's Client 08/19/2019
State: TX | Segment: SOUTH | 150 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 32 min read
A Texas appellate court ruled that a temporary staffing service company’s employee could not pursue a personal injury suit against his employer’s client for injuries. ...Read More

High Court Upholds Three-Year Suspension of Attorney With History of Misconduct 08/19/2019
State: ME | Segment: NORTH | 226 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 35 min read
The Supreme Judicial Court of Maine last week upheld the three-year suspension of a workers’ compensation attorney. ...Read More

Armor Fabrication Company Fined for Amputation Risks 08/19/2019
State: FL | Segment: SOUTH | 59 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 20 min read
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration proposed penalties of $92,820 after inspectors reportedly found an armor plate fabrication company in Florida exposed workers to amputation and other risks. ...Read More

Food Packer Faces $200K Fine for Safety Violations 08/19/2019
State: NY | Segment: NORTH | 163 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 59 min read
The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Arbre Group Holding for willful and serious violations of workplace safety and health standards at its facility in western New York. ...Read More

Service American Indemnity Co. Names New SVP of Program Business 08/19/2019
State: NA | Segment: NATIONAL | 133 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 111 min read
Service American Indemnity Co. announced the addition of Jacob Clymer as senior vice president of Program Business. ...Read More

RIMS Survey Finds 2% Increase in Total Cost of Risk 08/19/2019
State: NA | Segment: NATIONAL | 162 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 25 min read
Businesses paid 2% more to cover the total cost of risk in 2018 than they did the year before, according to the 2019 Risk & Insurance Management Society Benchmark Survey. ...Read More
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