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Workers' Compensation News

May IBR Process Be Used For Lien Disputes Filed Prior to Jan. 1? 10/19/2012
By: Reid L. Steinfeld and Richard Boggan
State: CA | Segment: | 276 | 0 | Popular with Legal
With the Department of Industrial Relations’ (DIR) and Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) scheduled to enact new proposed regulations by November, the issue of whether medical providers with fee schedule disputes for dates of service prior to Jan. 1, 2013, can avail themselves of th...Read More
Meningitis, Compounding Pharmacies and Workers' Comp 10/17/2012
State: NA | Segment: | 233 | 0
There’s one good thing coming out of the horrific and rising death toll from possibly-contaminated drugs produced by a small drug compounding firm. There’s nothing like a few deaths to concentrate the attention of policymakers. If that sounds heartless and cruel, it is noneth...Read More
Massachusetts Insurers Take One for the Team (Again) 09/17/2012
State: MA | Segment: | 282 | 0
I have written before about what I consider to be a true Massachusetts Miracle: The 1992 reform of the Commonwealth's workers' compensation system and the results achieved following that reform. Bottom line, premium rates in Massachusetts are among the lowest in the nation while benefits ar...Read More
Make Sure Disputed Bills are Authorized when Asserting AHCA Defense 09/11/2012
By: Michael Rabinowitz
State: FL | Segment: | 235 | 0
I’ve written before about the employer/carrier's (E/C) jurisdictional defense to a claim for unpaid bills from authorized providers. The claimant has no standing to sue for payment of the bills and the judge has no jurisdiction to order the payment of the bills.Only the Agency ...Read More
Mark Twain's Workers' Compensation 08/09/2012
State: NA | Segment: | 220 | 0 | Popular with Legal
The one thing about statistics is it's all about how the data is gathered and interpreted.Which is why I'm not terribly excited about the latest published study from the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) which claims that employers on average paid less for workers&rsquo...Read More
Making the Most of the New Misrepresentation During Hiring Defense 07/24/2012
By: Michael Ballance
State: NC | Segment: | 359 | 0
The revisions to the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act provide a new and much needed defense to workers’ compensation claims. N.C.G.S. § 97-12.1 now permits the complete denial of a claim where an employee engages in misrepresentation about his physical abilities during the h...Read More
Managed Care in Work Comp: Worth the Cost? 07/02/2012
State: CA | Segment: | 135 | 0
Medical cost containment expenses in California have doubled over six years. Yet medical expenses have continued to increase, led by facility and surgery expense, and WorkCompCentral reports the combined ratio hit 122 in 2011, a substantial jump from previous years. (sub req).Are we wast...Read More
Mileage Under Illinois Workers' Compensation Act and Rules 06/20/2012
By: Eugene Keefe
State: IL | Segment: | 620 | 0 | Popular with Insurance
Do Illinois employers owe mileage to medical care or light work under our law?We keep getting asked over and over and here are some thoughts on this legal subject. It is our reasoned legal opinion, Illinois employers do not owe mileage expense incurred by injured workers for non-emergenc...Read More
Mental Illness in the Cockpit 04/11/2012
State: NA | Segment: | 172 | 0 | Popular with Insurance
Clayton Osbon, 49, served as a pilot for Jet Blue Airlines for 12 years. On March 27 during Flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas, he suddenly began raving about terrorists and started pushing buttons and flipping switches in the cockpit, all the while telling air traffic controllers to shut up. His...Read More
Medical Treatment under Workers' Comp 03/21/2012
State: CA | Segment: | 119 | 0 | Popular with Legal
This was a week where I personally learned one of the obstacles injured workers face.I was lucky. The malady was not industrial. Between my persuasive powers and the fact I knew the doctor, a 30-day wait for an appointment was reduced to one-half day.There was no utilization-...Read More
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