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Workers' Compensation News

Dismissed Attorneys Lien Must Be Addressed Prior to C&R 03/06/2014
State: CA | Segment: | 893 | 0
On occasion, your humble blogger feels himself an advocate for injured workers.  Yes, yes, laugh it up, but in all seriousness, I’m very sympathetic to workers that have suffered actual injuries while doing their jobs.  I’ve been very fortunate that my clients have bent over ba...Read More
DSM-5 vs. DSM-IV-TR: The Workers' Comp Solution 01/23/2014
By: Dr. Bruce Leckart
State: NA | Segment: | 1374 | 0
For those of you who have been regular readers of my newsletters you probably recall that since June 2013, I have been writing about the DSM-5 and some of the many problems with this diagnostic manual that adversely affect personal injury and workers’ compensation litigation. In this current n...Read More
Death Before Compromise and Release Approval 12/20/2013
State: CA | Segment: | 956 | 0
Your humble blogger was at a certain Bay Area board recently, zealously advocating for his client's interests, when he overheard a not unheard-of factual scenario:Applicant enters into a compromise and release agreement with defendant.  The compromise and release includes funds ...Read More
December 2013 Case Law Update 12/11/2013
State: CA | Segment: | 1799 | 0
JURISDICTION AND SUBROGATIONIn Connecticut Sun v. WCAB (Johnson) (2013) B249201, the 2nd District Court of Appeal held that California did not have sufficient interest to apply its workers' compensation law and to retain jurisdiction over a case involving a professional basketball pl...Read More
Defining Catastrophic Injuries 11/06/2013
State: CA | Segment: | 1953 | 0
One of the larger questions surrounding the 2012 Senate Bill 863 California workers' comp reforms is how "catastrophic" will be interpreted.Labor Code 4660.1(c) was added to prevent permanent disability ratings for psychiatric disability (and sleep and sexual dysfunction) for p...Read More
Dying to Me Don't Sound like all that much Fun 10/24/2013
State: NA | Segment: | 608 | 0
John Mellencamp had a hit years ago, called The Authority Song. I heard a DJ once say that this was from his "rebellious period," which I thought really did not narrow it down much with Mellencamp. One of his lyrics in this song struck me when I read a recent report on opioids: ...Read More
Did Rising Workers' Comp Costs Kill Dominick's Finer Foods? 10/21/2013
By: Eugene Keefe
State: IL | Segment: | 611 | 0
Our readers were saddened to hear Safeway, the parent corporation of Dominick’s grocery stores, pulled the plug on 72 grocery stores and approximately 8,000 workers who all had generally excellent union jobs in our state with pensions and other benefits. One concern voiced by a reader is wheth...Read More
DSM-5: Assessing Psych Disability in PI and WC Cases 10/17/2013
By: Dr. Bruce Leckart
State: CA | Segment: | 810 | 0
By now, virtually every interested professional has heard about the publication of the DSM-5 and probably almost as many have heard about its multiple flaws and lack of acceptance by mental health professionals all around the world. If you need some information about these issues, check out the news...Read More
DSM-5: Chicken Little was Right 07/15/2013
By: Dr. Bruce Leckart
State: NA | Segment: | 1057 | 0
I spent 30 years as a psychology professor teaching classes in research, statistics and clinical psychology. I also spent the past 28 years working as a forensic psychologist, most of which was in workers’ compensation. I’m not a particularly open person, but given my history and what is...Read More
DSM 5: Major Changes in Medical-Legal Cases 06/04/2013
By: Dr. Bruce Leckart
State: CA | Segment: | 1064 | 0 | Popular with Legal
Thirteen years after the DSM-IV-TR was published in May 2000, the DSM-5 was officially published on May 22, 2013. Essentially, the DSM-5 has the potential for far-reaching and major changes in medical-legal cases. Basically, if the DSM-5 is sanctioned for use in medical-legal cases, psychologists, p...Read More
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