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Workers' Compensation News


Salem: Board Affirms Opinion on Admissibility of 'Self-Taught' Expert's Testimony 10/18/2019
By: Jane Salem
State: TN | Segment: Top | 249 | 0
The Tennessee Workers' Compensation Appeals Board affirmed a trial court decision denying a motion in limine that sought to exclude an expert’s deposition testimony because the physician had no training in use of the American Medical Association’s Guides, and stated at one po...Read More

Moore: Are You A Drive-By Network User? 10/17/2019
By: James Moore
State: NA | Segment: Top | 249 | 0
Workers’ compensation medical network usage tends to be the drive-by type. What do I mean by drive-by? ...Read More

Young: Newsom's First Workers' Comp Veto 10/16/2019
By: Julius Young
State: CA | Segment: Top | 491 | 0
Gov. Gavin Newsom has vetoed his first workers’ comp bill, AB 346. ...Read More

Akkarachittor: How Machine Learning and AI Can Help Reduce Risk 10/15/2019
By: Pramod Akkarachittor
State: NA | Segment: Top | 1649 | 0
Risk management is integral to insurance, but it’s traditionally been an inexact science. Thanks to recent technological advances, however, risk management is about to get a long overdue upgrade. ...Read More

Moore: The Misunderstood Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement 10/14/2019
By: James Moore
State: NA | Segment: Top | 301 | 0
The waiver of subrogation endorsement appears in almost all workers’ comp policies.  Almost all workers’ comp personnel and insureds do not ever read any policies. Who wants to read 40 pages of droning on when the dec page covers everything one needs to know concerning a pol...Read More

Switzer: Bureau Revises Petition for Benefit Determination 10/11/2019
By: Kenneth M. Switzer
State: TN | Segment: Top | 258 | 0
In the recent Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board decision Vickers v. Amazon.com, the board observed that it is “unclear” why the email address to file a petition for benefit dete...Read More

Moore: Value-Based Care, Centers of Excellence Are Matched Pair for Work Comp 10/10/2019
By: James Moore
State: NA | Segment: Top | 410 | 0
If a provider mixes value-based care and centers of excellence, the result may be what workers' comp has been searching for in the last 40 years. ...Read More

Snyder: The Importance of Facts 10/09/2019
By: Teddy Snyder
State: NA | Segment: Top | 322 | 0
A big part of a mediator’s job is to elicit and isolate relevant facts. Then we can determine points of agreement and disagreement. ...Read More

Paduda: What's Up With California Work Comp? 10/08/2019
By: Joe Paduda
State: CA | Segment: Top | 523 | 0
Friend and colleague Alex Swedlow took the podium at the California Self-Insurers’ Association Fall Employer Summit to discuss what’s going on in the Golden State, and what you need to do to manage your program. ...Read More

Grinberg: Evolving Mechanism of Injury Opens Door for Defense 10/07/2019
By: Gregory Grinberg
State: CA | Segment: Top | 572 | 0
Have you heard the case of Ndiawar Diop?  ...Read More
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