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Employer Can Terminate Benefits Despite Credible Testimony Regarding Pain 07/26/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: PA | Segment: NORTH | 158 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 78 min read
The Commonwealth Court ruled that an employer was entitled to terminate payment of benefits to an injured worker, despite a judge’s acceptance of the employee's testimony about lingering pain. ...Read More

Exclusive Remedy Doctrine Barred Worker's Take-Home Asbestos Claim Against Employer 07/25/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 571 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 7 min read
The 1st District Court of Appeals ruled that a person who was sickened by asbestos could not sue the company allegedly responsible for his exposure, even though the California Supreme Court has ruled that employers have a duty to protect workers’ families from exposure though cont...Read More

Employer Can't Modify Award to Retroactively Apply Medical Treatment Guidelines 07/23/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: LA | Segment: SOUTH | 268 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 9 min read
A Louisiana appellate court ruled that an employer was not entitled to modify an award to an injured employee to apply the Medical Treatment Guidelines to the items adjudicated as being compensable. ...Read More

Employers ID Cumulative Trauma as Work Comp Quagmire 07/13/2018
By: Jim Sams (Senior Editor)
State: CA | Segment: Top | 2295 | 5 | Popular with Legal | 40 min read
ANAHEIM, California — California employers on Thursday gave the state labor secretary a trophy to take back to Gov. Jerry Brown for bringing stability to the workers’ compensation system, while sending a message to the next governor that they want something done about cumulative traum...Read More

Employers Hope Comp Won't Be Gavin Newsom's 'Glorious Mistake' 07/12/2018
By: Jim Sams (Senior Editor)
State: CA | Segment: Top | 2354 | 1 | Popular with Legal | 30 min read
ANAHEIM, California — The perennial patient that is California’s workers’ comp system is stable, not dead, after eight years under a Democratic governor who turned out to be far more business-friendly than expected, an employer group’s lobbyist said Wednesday. ...Read More

Electronic Billing Slowly Spreading in Comp 07/12/2018
State: NA | Segment: Top | 407 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 78 min read
By Eddie Curran WCC correspondent It seems old fashioned, even quaint. But in most states, many medical providers and payers of workers’ comp claims still deal in paper with bills sent by mail or fax, and payments made through mailed checks. ...Read More

Epic Appoints Principal for Automotive Industry Clients 07/05/2018
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 344 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 61 min read
Epic Insurance Brokers and Consultants announced Tuesday the appointment of Eric Kitei as a principal for the firm’s Southern California operation. He will focus on auto dealers and the automotive industry. ...Read More

Employer Can Enforce Lien Against Worker's Recovery Pursuant to 'High/Low' Agreement 07/05/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: NJ | Segment: NORTH | 152 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 142 min read
The New Jersey Superior Court’s Appellate Division ruled that an employer’s lien applies to the proceeds collected by an employee pursuant to the terms of a “high/low” agreement in his medical malpractice claim. ...Read More

Employer Entitled to Summary Judgment on Claim of Discrimination, Retaliation 07/03/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: OH | Segment: NORTH | 185 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 2 min read
An Ohio appellate court ruled that an employer was entitled to summary judgment dismissing a worker’s claims for discrimination and retaliation, since it was undisputed that his employment ended because of his refusal to accept a light-duty position. ...Read More

EDI Claims Release 3.1 Guide and Tables Now Available 07/02/2018
State: IN | Segment: NORTH | 180 | 0 | Popular with Array | 11 min read
The Indiana Workers' Compensation Board's upgraded electronic data interchange website, regarding the more-robust claims release standard 3.1, is now available, although trading partner registration is not, the board announced. ...Read More
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