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OIEC Wants Lawmakers to Extend Deadline for Filing Appeals 01/10/2019
By: William Rabb (Reporter)
State: TX | Segment: Top | 128 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 86 min read
Forty-five days may be a standard time frame in many legal proceedings in Texas and around the country. But for injured workers who don’t yet have a lawyer but want to take their claim to court, a month and a half is simply not enough time, the Texas Office of Injured Employee Counsel says ...Read More

Attorneys for Worker's Widow Didn't Have Enforceable Agreement to Split Fees 01/10/2019
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: TX | Segment: SOUTH | 104 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 189 min read
A Texas appellate court ruled that the attorneys who had represented the widow of a worker who was killed in a plane crash had not entered into an enforceable fee-sharing agreement, and that one of the attorneys could pursue a tortious interference with contract claim against the other. ...Read More

Court Rejects Injured Worker's Retaliation Claim Against Walmart 01/10/2019
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: AL | Segment: SOUTH | 121 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 5 min read
A federal appellate court ruled that a Walmart employee failed to assert a viable claim of retaliatory discharge after he requested accommodations for a work injury. ...Read More

State Agency Announces Plans for 'Interest Group' Meetings 01/10/2019
State: OR | Segment: WEST | 83 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 102 min read
The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation said it will hold interest group meetings during the 2019 legislative session to provide information about pending bills. ...Read More

Sunz Announces PEO Arrangement With Cimarron 01/10/2019
State: NA | Segment: NATIONAL | 152 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 11 min read
Sunz Insurance Solutions announced plans to use two products from Cimarron Insurance Co. to provide workers’ compensation insurance for policyholders who have professional employer organization clients that don’t qualify for coverage under the master policy. ...Read More

Terms of Worker's Settlement Barred Claim for Additional Benefits 01/10/2019
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: VA | Segment: EAST | 106 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 2 min read
The Virginia Court of Appeals ruled that a public school employee could not demand additional benefits under the terms of the settlement she had entered for her injuries from a workplace accident. ...Read More

Passage of Time Barred Worker From Seeking TTD 01/10/2019
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: MD | Segment: EAST | 80 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 1 min read
The Maryland Court of Special Appeals ruled that a worker was time-barred from asserting a claim for temporary total disability benefits more than five years after her injury. ...Read More

Couple Indicted for Allegedly Defrauding Clients on Comp Coverage 01/10/2019
State: GA | Segment: SOUTH | 148 | 0 | Popular with Insurance | 42 min read
A husband and wife team of insurance agents has been charged with defrauding clients who paid for workers' compensation coverage but were never actually covered, the Georgia Board of Workers' Compensation announced. ...Read More

Red Caps on Opioid Med Bottles Would Alert Users to Danger, Bill Says 01/10/2019
State: TX | Segment: SOUTH | 110 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 3 min read
A red cap on opioid medication bottles would help stem the addiction crisis in Texas, according to a bill filed by state Rep. Shawn Thierry. ...Read More

Rating Bureau's Classification Committee Meeting Jan. 22 01/09/2019
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 191 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 600 min read
The California Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau’s Classification and Rating Committee is meeting Jan. 22 in Oakland. ...Read More
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