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Workers' Compensation News


EquityComp Customer Can't Be Compelled to Arbitrate Claim of Fraud 05/04/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 749 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 11 min read
A California appellate court ruled that a disgruntled EquityComp customer could not be compelled to arbitrate its fraud claims against the program providers, since the arbitration agreement the customer had signed was not enforceable. ...Read More

Employer Had Immunity From Civil Liability to Worker Provided by Staffing Agency 05/03/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: OH | Segment: NORTH | 222 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 52 min read
An Ohio appellate court ruled that an employer was immune from civil liability for a worker’s negligence claim because it controlled the aspects of his day-to-day job activities and had arranged for payment of workers’ compensation premiums through the staffing agency that had placed ...Read More

Employer's Failure to Timely Contest Claim Didn't Relieve Worker of Burden to Prove Causation 04/25/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: NY | Segment: NORTH | 215 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 50 min read
A New York appellate court ruled that a school worker was not entitled to benefits for a back injury just because her employer failed to timely contest her claim. ...Read More

Employer Must Get Hearing on Motion to Nullify Default Judgment 04/23/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: LA | Segment: SOUTH | 153 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 61 min read
A Louisiana appellate court ruled that the alleged employers of an injured construction worker should have been afforded a hearing on whether a default judgment against them should have been nullified. ...Read More

Evidence Didn't Support Inference That Worker's Intoxication Led to Fatal Accident 04/19/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: FL | Segment: SOUTH | 365 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 12 min read
Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeal on Wednesday overturned a denial of benefits to a worker’s widow, deciding that the record evidence did not support a finding that his intoxication contributed to his death from being struck by a truck. ...Read More

Ex-Deputy Gets 180-Day Sentence for Fraudulent Claim 04/12/2018
State: CA | Segment: WEST | 726 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 36 min read
A former San Diego County sheriff’s deputy was sentenced to 180 days in jail for filing a false claim for a back injury, according to a report by the CBS affiliate in San Die...Read More

Employer's Failure to Offer Position to Injured Worker Didn't Entitle Her to Additional Benefits 04/12/2018
Source: WorkCompCentral
State: AR | Segment: SOUTH | 192 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 3 min read
The Arkansas Court of Appeals upheld a finding that a former employee of the state Department of Correction was not entitled to additional benefits based on her employer’s failure to offer a position after she was cleared to return to work. ...Read More

Employers Group Spreading Word That Burgess Puts Medical Costs in Crosshairs 04/11/2018
By: William Rabb (Reporter)
State: LA | Segment: Top | 591 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 20 min read
There's a new sheriff in town who won't allow price gouging on medications, or loopholes for exorbitantly priced, repackaged drugs. And soon, he'll be coming after high prices charged by outpatient clinics. ...Read More
EK Health Teams Up With MLB on Managed Care Program 04/11/2018
State: NA | Segment: NATIONAL | 294 | 0 | Popular with Legal | 15 min read
EK Health has announced a partnership with Major League Baseball for a national managed care program. EK Health will provide case management, utilization review, medical bill review and provider network management to MLB. The partnership also includes Fairly Group, an insurance br...Read More

Employers Oppose Bill to Cover Police Officers Injured Out of State 04/10/2018
By: Greg Jones (Deputy Editor)
State: CA | Segment: Top | 991 | 1 | Popular with Legal | 52 min read
Employers say a bill that would allow California peace officers to seek workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that occur outside of the state would unnecessarily create a gray area in the state’s workers’ compensation law. ...Read More
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